Set up an NFS Server on Devuan

Set up an NFS Server on Devuan

Pretty straightforward.

Install the necessary packages

apt-get --no-install-recommends install nfs-kernel-server

Create virtual root

mkdir /nfs # can be /srv, /export or whatever

Create a directory (or more) under virtual root directory

mkdir /nfs/home

Mount filesystems to be exported under virtual root directory

mount --bind /home /nfs/home

Make the mount points persistent. Append them to /etc/fstab.

/home /nfs/home none bind 0 0

Put the following in /etc/exports (assuming access is granted to the clients in the IP network. Client access can also be specified as a single host using IP address or fully qualified domain name, or * character to grant access to all clients).


Configure the daemon. Edit /etc/conf.d/nfs

OPTS_RPC_NFSD="8 -N 2 -V 3 -V 4 -V 4.1"

Start NFS server (assuming OpenRC. See your init system’s documentation)

rc-service nfs-kernel-server start

Start NFS server at boot

rc-update add nfs-kernel-server default

See detailed (and more) instructions on Gentoo wiki.